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  • Bight Black & Gold
  • Bight Black & Gold
  • Bight Black & Gold

About Bight Black & Gold

Bight is a boldly innovative earphone that rests securely in your ears. Its small size and construction lets you enjoy sound comfortably. Bight features the EarClick system, which works by securing the earpiece at two separate points rather than one, relieving pressure from the ear canal for a more comfortable fit, while keeping it firmly in place.


Bight uses the revolutionary EarClick System, letting you enjoy sound comfortably. The EarClick System works by securing the earpiece at two separate points rather than one, relieving pressure from the ear canal for a more comfortable fit, while keeping it firmly in place. Bight includes four different sized ear pads: XS, S, M, L. Bight comes with the medium pad pre-mounted out of the box.

Materials & Care

Before you start cleaning the surface of your item, do a spot test on a less visible area. If you do not notice any color distortion after a few minutes, proceed with the rest of the item. When cleaning never use strong detergents.

Remove mildew stains on leather using warm soapy water—a mild shampoo such as baby shampoo is recommended. Rub shampoo into the area of any oily stains before rinsing. To remove the excess cleaner, use a slightly dampened cloth or a small brush around the stitching.

It is recommended that you store your headphones in the enclosed carrying pouch when not in use.


Avant de commencer à nettoyer la surface de votre article, faire un test de place sur une zone moins visible. Si vous ne remarquez pas toute distorsion des couleurs après quelques minutes, passez avec le reste de l'article. Lors du nettoyage de ne jamais utiliser de détergents puissants.

Enlever les taches de moisissure sur le cuir en utilisant l'eau chaude savonneuse-un shampooing doux tels que du shampoing pour bébé est recommandé. Frottez shampooing dans le domaine de toutes les taches huileuses avant de rincer. Pour supprimer l'excès de produit nettoyant, utilisez un chiffon légèrement humide ou une petite brosse autour de la couture.

Il est recommandé que vous stockez vos écouteurs dans la pochette de transport clos lorsqu'il ne est pas en cours d'utilisation.






All Molami headphones feature a microphone and remote allowing you to pick up calls and communicate while listening to your music. To use the remote simply “click” once to pause and play music and receive and end calls, twice to forward your music and three times to go back. The microphone and remote are compatible with most mobile phones featuring a 3.5mm plug.

A neutral stereo plug adapter is included for use with sound sources not compatible with this standard, allowing you to still enjoy your music.

Molami has chosen to use a 3.5mm plug, which is the dominating standard for mobile two-way communication. Manufacturers such as Blackberry, HTC and Apple use this technology. Not all suppliers have adapted to this standard, and have developed their own version. This deliberately closes out third-party products such as ours. In many cases, adapters are still available from these manufactures.


The sound of Bight is strong and clear, yet not over-powering. The EarClick System allows you to listen to your music, and also hear what is going on around you. This can be helpful if you listen to your music during your commute.

Le son du Bight est clair et puissant, sans être écrasant. Le système EarClick vous permet d'écouter votre musique tout en entendant ce qui se passe autour de vous. Ceci est très utile si vous écoutez de la musique dans les transports.

Bight のサウンドは力強くクリアで、しかし強力すぎるということはありません。 EarClick システムにより、音楽を聴きながら、周囲でなにが起こっているかも聞くことができます。 通勤・通学途中に音楽を聴く方に便利です。

15.4 MM Dynamic Transducer